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The 2019 36th National Radio Science Conference (NRSC2019) will be held in Port Said City, Egypt. AASTMT Academy will host the conference during the period from 16-18 April 2019.



The conference program will consist of invited sessions on selected topics and contributed sessions. The submitted papers must describe original work and cover the activities of the URSI commissions. Papers accepted and presented in the conference will be published in the IEEE explore. Please click the highlighted links for accessing the Call for Papers (English , Arabic)


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The 2018 35th National Conference (NRSC2018) that was held in Cairo, Egypt, March 20-22, 2018 was reported as usual Here in the Radio Science Bulletin, Vol. 2018, No. 364, March 2018, check pages 86-89.
NRSC2018 was also included in IEEE Xplore as usual.
NRSC conferences are indexed in Scopus. with remarkable h index.



The Academy for Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is the focal point of the Egyptian experience and national thinking. It organizes Egypt's plans and projects to offer its experiences, knowledge, consultations for the government, Higher Council for Science and Technology and decision makers in terms of the issues related to science and technology in Egypt.

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The National Radio Science Committee (NRSC) has been created by ASRT in recognition of promoting the radio science in Egypt. The NRSC holds the national conference on yearly basis. There have been 35 conferences held in Egypt. The NRSC offers support to young researchers, scientists and inventors.




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Honored Egyptian Pioneers of Radio Science in NRSC 2019 On the occasion of the NRSC 2019, the National Radio Science Committee in Egypt has the pleasure of acknowledging the contributions of the following three Egyptian pioneers:
Prof. Abd El- Halim Shousha Cairo University
Prof. Esmat Abdel- Fattah Electronics Research Institute ( ERI )
Prof. Fatma Abou- Chadi Mansoura University



The submitted papers must describe original work and lie in the scope of one of URSI Commissions A-K. 
 For more details about the commissions and topics covered in conference visit  URSI 

A - Electromagnetic Metrology
B - Fields and Waves
C - Radio Communication Systems and Signal Processing
D - Electronics and Photonics
E - Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
F - Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
H - Waves in Plasmas
J - Radio Astronomy
K - Electromagnetic in Biology and Medicine

NRSC2019 Committees

Chair Committee

Conference Honorary Chair: Prof. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag, AASTMT
Conference Chair: Prof. Elsayed M. Saad, Helwan Univ.
Conference Co-Chair: Prof. Khaled A. Shehata, AASTMT
Conference Vice-Chair: Prof. Mahmoud T. El-Hadidi, Cairo Univ.
Technical Program Chair: Prof. Said E. El-Khamy, Alexandria Univ
Conference Publications Chair: Prof. Hesham M. El-Badawy, NTI
Conference Secretary General: Prof. Rowayda A. Sadek, Helwan Univ.
Local Organization Committee Chair: Prof. Mohamed Hassan, AASTMT

Organizing Committee

Prof. Hadia M. El Hennawy, Ain Shams Univ. Dr. Ahmed H. Madian, Nile Univ.
Prof. Saber H.Zainud-Deen, Menoufia Univ. Dr. Hend Abd El-Azem Malhat, Menoufia Univ.
Prof. Diaa Khalil, Ain Shams Univ. Dr. Ahmed S. El-Trass, Alex. Univ.
Prof. Imbaby I. Mahmoud, AEA Dr. Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Minia Univ.
Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Heikal, Mansoura Univ. Dr. Osama Marzouk, ASRT

Local Committee (AASTMT Academy)

Prof. Mohmed Ali Yousef
Prof. Abdelmoneim Nasser
Mr. Yehya Elziney
Mr. Abdelrahim Othman
Dr. Amal Asfour
Dr. Sherif Eldiasty
Dr. Ahmed Madani
Eng. Ahmad Abdullatif Goudah
Eng. Ahmed Kamel

Important Dates

Conference Deadlines

Paper submission deadline: December 14th, 2018  December 28th, 2018
Notification of acceptance: February 12th, 2019
Camera-ready manuscript: March 2nd, 2019


Address: بورسعيد - دار الاحتفالات الرئيسية بجوار ديوان عام محافظة بورسعيد
Phone: (+203) 5622366 - 5622388 - 5610950 - Call Center: 19838
Portsaid - Portsaid Campus - AASTMT Location Map:

Paper Submission

Prospective authors of papers describing original work are invited to submit papers electronically 
after signing up and then logging in here.

The submitted papers must describe original work and lie in the scope of one of URSI Commissions A-K.

For accessing the Call for Papers (English , Arabic). 
Papers must be formatted according to the instructions in the NRSC 2019 template click here.

For paper submission, please click here.
Please make sure to comply with the Paper Format, and send Conference Bio Form by email to ( and upload two versions of your paper:
a .doc file (complete with author name(s))
a .pdf file (without author name(s) nor affiliation(s)).

For poster submission, please download poster template and send it by email to (

​All Papers will be checked via the  Plagiarism Checkers.

For any other query and/or details please send E-Mail to: Prof. Rowayda SADEK (


Registration Fees(per paper):

From Egypt: LE1500
from outside Egypt: €500
Fees cover attending sessions, proceedings CD, lunch, and coffee breaks for the period of the conference 
for one of the authors. Non-refundable fees, LE500  (from outside Egypt, €200), are paid in advance upon 
paper submission. The remaining registration fees are paid with the camera ready submission. Extra LE200 
(€60 from outside Egypt) is added for each additional page. 

Payment of Registration Fees: Registration fees may be paid by one of the following methods:

1-    By direct payment to Dr. Osama MARZOUK, at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, 101 Kasr El-Aini St., Cairo.

2-    Through Postal Transfer in Name of Dr. Osama MARZOUK,at Mobile No.: 002 01223880267

3-    Through any member of the NRSC organizing Committee.

For more information, please contact Dr. Osama MARZOUK, at Mobile No.: 002 01223880267

Attendance fees without paper registration (including lunch, Break and proceedings) are LE1000.

Attendance is free (without lunch, Break and proceedings)

*For Attendance Registration Form please click here.

*For Accommodation Information please click here.

Conference Program

2019 36th National Radio Science Conference (NRSC)
         Organized by
  Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
  The National Radio Science Committee (NRSC)
  Arab Academy for Science and Technology and
  Maritime Transport(AASTMT)
Port Said Campus, Port Said, Egypt
        16-18 April 2019
   NRSC2019 Program 


A. Student Paper Award Competition

Three Student Paper Award winners will be selected. The awards are on the form of certificates and cash money.
Student awards are usually sponsored by the International Union of Radio Science. The first winner of the Student 
Paper Competition will be invited to publish his or her paper in "Radio Science Bulletin" with considering 
the required rules.	

Rules and Guidelines
1.  First author and presenter must be a full-time university student.
2.  A letter from the student's advisor on university letterhead must be appended to the paper. 
    The letter must state that the author is enrolled as a full-time university student in a degree program. 
    If co-authored, the letter must state that all co-authors played only an advisory role. 
    No other students are permitted as co-authors. 
3.  Eight finalists will be selected based upon quality, originality and scientific merit of the paper as  evaluated by 
    the reviewers.
4.  Only three of the eight finalists will be awarded according to the clarity of their presentation and the ability to
    answer questions on their work.
B. Best Paper Awards
The Organizing Committee will select two papers for the Best Paper Award.

Rules and Guidelines
1-  The selection will be based on the quality, originality and scientific merit of the paper as well as the clarity of 
    the presentation and the ability to answer questions posed by the audience.  
2-  There is no restriction on the number of authors nor if they are students or not.

Keynote Speakers

1-  Prof. Ahmed Kishk, 
Professor and Tier I Canada Research Chair,
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Canada.

				Keynote Speech I
Number of Beams Extension for Butler Matrix Linear Array and Compact Two-Dimensional Planar

2- Prof. Abbas Omar, IEEE Fellow, Professor University of Magdeburg, Germany. Keynote Speech II Massive MIMO for 5G
3- Prof. Hassan Aboushady, Professor at Sorbonne University, Campus Pierre and Marie Curie, UPMC, Paris VI, France. Keynote Speech III RF Sigma-Delta ADC: Realizing the Cognitive Radio Dream/a>

Special Sessions

1-	Digital Transformation, challenges and opportunities
			Ashraf Abdelwahab
	SAP Digital Transformation Director, Public Sector, Egypt
2-	ICT, Does It Dominate The World Now? Top Tech. Trends 2019
			Mohamed Salem
	Senior Advisor to the President, Arab Academy for Science, 
		Technology, and Maritime Transport.
3-	Memristors: New Innovation Trends in Future of Electronics
		Sherif F. Nafea 1, Ahmed A. S. Dessouki 1,
	1 College of Engineering – Portsaid University, Portsaid, Egypt.

4-	An Industrial Design Approach, Implementation, and Application Perspectives for Surveillance Radar Systems
	Esmat Abd-Elfattah 1, Alaa Rohiem 2, Abd-Elrahman El-Barwiny 3, Nabil Gergis 3, Alaa Hafez 4, and Technical Crew 
			1 Electronics Research Institute, Ministry of Scientific Research, Egypt
			2 Research and Development Department, Ministry of Defence, Egypt
			3 Military Technical College, Ministry of Defence, Egypt
			4 Air Defense R&D Center, Air Defense Forces, Ministry of Defence, Egypt

5-	Wireless Communication Channels: the Backbone of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
				Mohamed Aly Aboul-Dahab
	IEEE Life Senior Member, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Cairo, Egypt

6-	COMSOL Multi-Physics a Powerful Tool for Electromagnetic Devices Modeling
				Ahmed Mahmoud Heikal
	Center for Photonics and Smart Materials, Zewail City of Sconce and Technology, Egypt

7-				Women in URSI
			NRSC; Egyptian URSI Committee 
          Esmat Abdel-Fattah1, Lobna Sherif2, Aida A. Foad El Saban3,
	                Ghada Labib4, Hala El- Gohary5
            Moderators: Prof.Hadia El-Hennawy6, Prof.Rowayda Sadek7,
	 1 EX. Chair Electronics Research Institute, Ministry of Scientific Research
	 2 Vice President (Education and Student Affairs, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)
	 3 Chairman of the Electronics Factory - Arab Organization for Industrialization
	 4 Deputy Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform
	 5 Acting Executive Director of ITIDA
	 6 Ain Shams Univ., Cairo, Egypt
	 7 Helwan Univ. Cairo, Egypt

8-	Fiber Optics Crucial to Future Datacom Transmission
			Ahmed Abd ElRahman
		CTO, Fiber Misr Cooperation, Egypt


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